Default Primary Secondary Success Danger Warning Info
<p-button theme="primary">Primary</p-button>
<p-button theme="secondary">Secondary</p-button>
<p-button theme="success">Success</p-button>
<p-button theme="danger">Danger</p-button>
<p-button theme="warning">Warning</p-button>
<p-button theme="info">Info</p-button>


Define the size of the button with the size property.

Large Button Large Button
<p-button size="large">Large Button</p-button>
<p-button size="large" theme="secondary">Large Button</p-button>
Small Button Small Button
<p-button size="small">Small Button</p-button>
<p-button size="small" theme="secondary">Small Button</p-button>


Name Type Description Options Default
size String Define the size of the button. normal, small, large normal
theme String Define the theme of the button. default, primary, secondary, info, success, warning, danger, dark default
disabled Boolean If the button should be disabled or not. true, false false


Name Description
default Main text of the button.
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