Add dialogs, notifications, or other helpful content through with modals


The default modal includes a close button in both the header and footer sections.

<p-button v-modal:example-1>Launch Modal</p-input>

<p-modal name="example-1">
    Hello World!


Define a title for your modal with the title prop.

<p-button v-modal:example-2>Launch Modal</p-input>

<p-modal name="example-2" title="Greetings">
    Hello World!


Modals have a few sizing options, each togglable through the use of a couple props. By default, modals are "medium" sized with the options to be large or extra-large. These control the max width of your modal on non-mobile devices.


<p-button v-modal:example-3>Launch Large Modal</p-input>

<p-modal name="example-3" title="Large" large>
    Hello World!

Extra Large

<p-button v-modal:example-4>Launch Extra Large Modal</p-input>

<p-modal name="example-4" title="Extra Large" extra-large>
    Hello World!


Toggle Event

To toggle the visibility of a modal instance, we recommend using the v-modal directive while referencing your modal's name property. The v-modal directive can be used on any clickable entity.

<a href="#" v-modal:example>Open Modal</a>


You may also toggle the visibility of modals through the v-model directive. This is useful if you are wrapping your modals within their own components. Sometimes it's nice to keep everything nice and tidy 🤘

        <a href="#" @click.prevent="toggle">Toggle Me!</a>

        <p-modal name="example" v-model="show">

    export default {
        data() {
            return {
                show: false,

        methods: {
            toggle() {
       = !

Passing Data

You may optionally pass data along to the modal by assigning the directive with a value. The passed data will be available in each of the modal slots.


The passed value will be parsed as an expression allowing you to easily pass objects and arrays of data through. If you wish to only pass a string through, you'll want to wrap your string in single-quotes.

let data = {
    foo: 'bar'
<p-button v-modal:example="data">Open Modal<p-button>

<p-modal name="example">
    <template scope-slot="modal">
        {{ }}


Name Type Description Options Default
name String The identifying name of the modal.
title String An optional title to be displayed in the header of the modal.
show Boolean Set the initial visibility state of the modal. true, false false
large Boolean If the modal should be large in size. true, false false
extra-large Boolean If the modal should be extra large in size. true, false false
flush Boolean If the modal body should be flush (no padding) to the border. true, false false
no-header Boolean Disable the modal header section completely. true, false false
no-footer Boolean Disable the modal footer section completely. true, false false
no-close-button Boolean Disable the close button in the header of the modal. true, false false
no-esc-close Boolean Disable the ability to dismiss the modal with the esc key. true, false false
no-outside-close Boolean Disable the ability to dismiss the modal by clicking outside of it. true, false false


Name Description
default Main body of the modal.
header Header section of the modal.
footer Footer section of the modal.
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