<p-select name="color" v-model="color" :options="[


Add a label to the select with the label property.

<p-select name="color" label="Choose a color" v-model="color" :options="colors"></p-select>


Customize the placeholder for the select with the placeholder property.

<p-select name="color" placeholder="Please choose a color..." v-model="color" :options="colors"></p-select>


Add help text below the select with the help property.

<p-select name="color" help="We will use this color to customize your experience." v-model="color" :options="colors"></p-select>

Validation Errors and Messaging

Add a validation message that can be toggled with the error-message and has-error properties.

<p-select name="color" error-message="We need to know what color you prefer." :has-error="true" v-model="color" :options="colors"></p-select>


Enable the ability to filter down available options by passing the filterable prop.

<p-select name="color" v-model="color" filterable :options="colors"></p-select>

Dark Mode

Enable the dark variation of the select's dropdown menu by passing the dark prop.

<p-select name="color" v-model="color" dark :options="colors"></p-select>

Option Value and Labels

Pass specific labels and values for options through an array of objects as the options prop. Otherwise, if your values and labels are the same, you are free to pass through a simple array of options.

<p-select name="color" v-model="color" :options="[
        'label': 'Red',
        'value': '#FF0000',
        'label': 'Yellow',
        'value': '#FFFF00',
        'label': 'Green',
        'value': '#008000',
        'label': 'Blue',
        'value': '#0000FF',
        'label': 'Purple',
        'value': '#800080',
        'label': 'Black',
        'value': '#000000',
        'label': 'White',
        'value': '#FFFFFF',


Name Type Description Options Default
v-model Bind
name String The name and ID of the field.
placeholder String Placeholder value to be displayed inside the select field.
label String Label to be associated with and displayed above the select field.
help String Help text to be displayed below the select field.
required Boolean If the select field type is required or not. true, false false
disabled Boolean If the select field should be disabled or not. true, false false
options Array The options available within the select field.
filterable Boolean Enable the ability to filter down available options. true, false false
filter-function Function Customize the filter function.
dark Boolean Enable the dark appearance of the dropdown menu. true, false false
has-error Boolean Toggle if the select field has validation errors or not. true, false false
error-message String The message to be displayed when the select field has an error.
Last Updated: 1/16/2019, 1:41:32 PM