Local Development

After cloning Proton locally to your machine, run yarn to install the necessary dependencies, and then yarn watch to compile and watch assets for changes.

yarn watch


To easily test and use the package locally, make use of Yarn's link command. Package linking is a two-step process.

  1. yarn link at the root of your Proton directory. This will create a symlink in your global Yarn directory.
  2. In your project where you are making use of Proton, yarn link @efelle/proton will create the symbolic link from the global Yarn directory to your project.

Reporting Issues

Coming Soon


Documentation is bundled along side the source code within the docs/ directory. Pages are written in markdown and rendered through the use of VuePress. You can start writing and contributing to the documentation locally by running the yarn docs:dev command. This will spin up a server instance and start watching and compiling any newly added or modified markdown file.

When you're happy with your work and are ready to send a pull request, close your server and compile the documentation for production by running yarn docs:build. This will generate the static files used in production.

Last Updated: 10/12/2018, 9:33:57 AM